Thursday, February 12, 2009

Library Class Project take two and a bad morning

I've had the opportunity to teach two library classes this year at two different area libraries. Most of the stampers have never stamped before so I get to show them the basics and introduce them to my addiction the joy of making cards and treats for their family/friends.
You may remember THIS card that we made at my first library class. It was a little more involved and maybe not so 'newby-friendly' so I changed it up a bit. Today's card is the little 4x4 note card we made at my second library class this past Monday. Of course, we also made THIS little treat holder that everyone loves to make and receive.
I donate all my materials and time for these classes in exchange for the chance to invite everyone there to classes that are in my home. I think it is the best form of advertising. And I find that stamping produces two different and extreme responses in people. They are usually pleased to make something (and it's free) but never care if they pick up a stamp and ink again. Or, they have a twinkle of excitement in their eye the whole time and become instantly addicted to enthralled in the craft and can't wait to come to class! I usually can spot those ladies clear across the room!
For today's card I dusted off my crimper to make the lines in the center of the card front. Why don't we use the crimper much anymore?? It is so much fun. I remember when I first bought the crimper. I crimped everything I could find in my house! The dollar bills in my wallet, the electric bill, the kids report cards, I tried toilet paper but it is a little too thin to go through the crimper....
I also used (all from SU) Sweet Always DP, regal rose cardstock, white craft ink sponged on the sides, dotted scallop edge punch (martha stewart), regal rose ribbon, and heart to heart punch.
I'm really running behind today. I still have yet to create and cut out the cards for MONDAY'S CLASS. I waited for my shipment to arrive because I wanted to use all the new Sale-a-bration sets. I'm really cutting it close and have stressed myself out because it is Thursday and Monday is in 4 days! I'd better get busy.
But first, I have to tell you about my morning.....
Because of a series of unfortunate events this morning, let me just say that I had to drive our boys to school this morning. This is not a normal practice. Usually, The Accountant takes them on his way to work.
But because of the series of unfortunate events, he could not do it. They were late and I was not prepared to take them. Still in my jammies, I throw on my coat, we rush out to the garage to get into the car.
Now, so you know, my car is a cute little red Impala that we just bought 10 days ago. It has a remote starter that I love to use. And my iPod plays right through the car stereo. And there is a pass through to the trunk that the boys use to shove their duffel bags into. I love this car! I glory in this car! The car is so new that the temporary plates are still taped to the back window. It is so new that the first insurance bill is still on my counter waiting for me to write a check for it. Just remember this when I show you this picture:

Yep, my cute little red Impala is now ruined. My son forgot to shut the door and I forgot to make sure it was shut (that would explain why the dome lights stayed on and there was a persistent beeping sound coming from the dash...). The door was open and we were backing out of the garage. I hit the side of the garage door with such a sickening sound that I said a naughty little word that I NEVER say. And NEVER in front of my kids! I feel bad about that.

And I feel really bad about the car. Because it is my fault our high deductible kicks in. Dang it.

The nice thing, is that we still have our 01 Montana. It runs great and I still enjoy driving it. It has been sitting in the driveway waiting for us to make a decision on what to do with it. So,until the car gets fixed, I'm driving the van again!

I think I'd better pay that insurance bill, huh?


Anonymous said...



Tamera said...

OH NO!!! Your new car! You really did need those flowers. I hope no body parts were sticking out that open door.

Anonymous said...

That hurt!!! In more ways than one!! As long as no one was physically hurt...did that line work with the accountant?!?!?!?
When you do your library classes, do you have everything punched and stamped?

Lynn said...

I just LOVE your card. What talent! Sorry to hear about your car. At least no one was hurt. Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

bummer!!! I like the card and the car good choice. It will be like new in no time. Thank goodness for insurance. Atleast nobody was hurt right? Beth

Anonymous said...

your remote starter has a drive button?

Robin said...

Remember what I said about red cars! LOL
I truly am sorry. I know how it feels to have a new car and then boom. Hopefully they will fix it soon.



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