Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute Little Yummy Valentine's Treat

This little treat holder is so stinkin' cute!
I love making them. I found the pattern by watching Dawn's video on it HERE.

I've been asked to teach Valentine's Day card making classes at two area libraries and have decided we're making these. We made them in class on Monday too.
Everyone who sees them agree that they are a precious way to give a simple piece of chocolate. It's all in the presentation, right Martha???


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
Emily says thanks for the chocolate and she loves the holder she wanted to make them for her school, but they aren't allowed to bring chocolate because a kid in her class has peanut allergies anyway did you know they fit 5 crayons perfectly she figured it out all on her own she's getting good I tell you. So we are gonna make them for her class with crayons.

Jen said...

What an excellent idea! Please tell Emily I would like to copy her idea. Please tell her thanks.

jeanila said...

Jen, I wasn't told they hold 5 crayons, they must be keeping it a secret. Grandma will have to try that. Jean

Anonymous said...

your welcome you can use my ideas anytime.


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