Monday, January 26, 2009

Library Class Project

I absolutely love my local library. I always have and always will take advantage of the book lending, the video rentals, the kids' programs, the free computer access, and the extreme helpfulness of the librarians. When ever I have moved to a new city, the first thing on my agenda has been to check out the library. My kids have learned this from me and feel the same way. Granted, my kids and I use the library in different ways--my 11 year old son loves the fast Internet, my youngest two like the free kids' videos (not so free, we found out, when they are late getting returned!!), and my daughter is a voracious reader like me.

One incredibly neat service our local library offers is programs for adults along with the kids' programs. I have been able to take part in this and hold a Valentine's Day card making class for the past 5 years (even before I was a stampin up demonstrator!). The group is usually small and the skills are varied but it is so much fun!

Today's card is one of the projects we made. The second project we made is the treat holder seen in THIS post a few days ago.

You may recognize the layout of the card. It is my favorite standby for making a 4x4 note. And I've shown it to you in the past.

My 5 year old did not have school on the day of the library class so he was with me. He wanted to make a card for his kindergarten teacher. Since I had the extra materials and they were already cut, he assembled his own card. He tied his own knot and glued all the pieces together. You may notice his reading skills aren't highly evolved yet so there was no right or wrong way to put on the sentiment but I'm sure his teacher will still love it!

Here is his masterpiece.

The class even had local press coverage and there are three big pictures of the stampers, my son and me in this week's local paper. A really nice write up too--I'll see if I can get a copy and scan it in for you to appreciate cause I know you will.

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