Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Incredibly Overly Prompt kinda sounds funny

Here is another Incredibly Overly Prompt Halloween card for 2011:

And let me tell you, this mummy card was a LOT of fun to make!  There was no wrong way to rip the card stock strips, sponging the edges was quick and easy, and those cute, slightly startled looking green eyes peeking out of the 'wrap' give it personality.

As promised, here is a current card to go along with the Incredibly Overly Prompt for 2011 card:

Part of my Musical Christmas Cards Class, this one fits right on the cover of a Stampin Up music card.  I cut the base to be 1/8 inch smaller than the music card and it looks great.  IRL (In Real Life), the tree is all sparkly with Dazzling Diamonds and looks real perty.

I'm still wearing the splint on my left pointer finger (rotary blade one, me zero). Typing is extremely time consuming as I hunt & peck on the keyboard and then backspace to correct all the spelling mistakes.  I'm thinking of hiring The Accountant tomorrow to post on my blog and describe the day's card.  Stay tuned to see if he'll do it....

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