Monday, November 15, 2010

greetings from the edge.....

I'm so excited to be blogging again! 

A few of you may have noticed that I've been gone for a fact, a few cards that I have yet to post are my Halloween cards from my October class.  And here it is November 15th already!

I'd still like to show you the Halloween cards.  I hope that is OK.

Can we please pretend that I'm not actually extremely over due but rather, incredibly overly prompt for Halloween 2011?!?

I'll even throw in a card from my current class so you'll forgive me for my tardiness.

The first picture is a card using the Stampin Up two-step owl punch in a creative way---upside down:

Cute little ghosts, huh?

This second picture is of a card that is part of my Musical Christmas Cards Class (being held today).  We are making three card fronts that can be attached to musical cards (available from Stampin Up of course).  The mittens are punched using the wide oval punch and the small oval punch (both from Stampin Up).  I think the second mitten slipped from its original looks  a little too close to the other one. :)

This last picture is of my left hand and a clear quest for pity:

The rotary blade on the right ran over my left pointer finger while I was cutting fabric for sewing.  That blade is sharp!  I required SEVEN stitches. I'm actually glad I severed so many nerves...helps manage the pain.  And you won't be seeing any more pictures with out the splint/bandage, too gross.  I'll spare you that ugliness.

Typing is a little slow.  Washing my hair is difficult.  Dishes are out of the question. I was able to cut papers for today's Musical Christmas Cards Class though.  I know my priorities.

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