Thursday, October 7, 2010

Labor of Love---a non stampin post

This is the latest sewing project I recently finished.  Notice I did not say "this is the latest sewing project I've been working on".  That would be because I don't always finish what I start--and let me tell you, potholders are a LOT harder to make than they look and now I don't know what to make for Christmas presents for my family (I can hear their cries of dismay, can you?).

Not finishing everything I start is no big surprise to anyone who knows me well.

This purse, however, took me an intense three FULL DAYS to make. Those ruffles were a ton of work but aren't they so beautiful?!?!?  I love how this purse turned out.

It was sort of like childbirth because of the pain and laboring. Sweating and grumbling.  And in the midst of it, I declared to anyone who'd listen that I would not ever be making another ruffle purse like this again. Ever.

But after a day of using it, carrying it, holding it, and loving it.  I think I'm ready to do it again.  I've already picked out the fabrics and can picture how the new one will look.  I've even named it.

At the very end of the purse project, my beloved Mini Janome machine broke.  I spent most of Sunday trying to fix it.  I succeeded in fixing the misaligned gears only to cause another problem that I can't find a solution for. 

So, I'm on the prowl for another machine.  And now that Stampin Up is selling fabrics (in the mini catalog--have you seen them yet???), I'm quite sure I'll be having sewing classes to add to my stamp classes.  And that means, Business Expense!!!  I think I've worn down The Accountant with my justifications about how my Stampin Up business should foot the bill for a new machine.  He's just though.

Either way, I've been doing some research.  I'd love to hear if anyone out there has some suggestions.  I'm looking for a mid price dependable machine that doesn't need to have many fancy stitches and extras (or maybe I do and just don't know it yet so you can tell me that too).

Please leave a comment if you have a machine that you wouldn't recommend also.  It would help to know if I should stay away from certain features or brands or lines.

And before I go, here are some little easy-to-do and quick-to-complete key fobs that I made last week.  The original pattern was for a smaller version that could hold a thumb drive or a tube of lipstick or a pack of gum.  I enlarged it to hold my cell phone and then made a few extra.


Jennifer H said...

Very cute purse! But it does look like alot of work. I give you credit, I can barely sew on a button and have never touched a machine.

Tamera said...

I love that you are sewing! And it looks great! Sorry, I have not advice on a machine. I have one broken one and another I got for cheap at an estate auction for cheap. Don't know much about machines. But I would love to take a class.

Anonymous said...

I love sewing and do alot of it. If you don't sew much I still would encourage you to purchase a bottom of the line computerized machine. My favorite is Husquevarna but Bernina is good too. These are also the favorite choices of our quilt club of about 60 ladies. They are well worth the little extra you would spend over the mechanical machines (old and out-dated). With a touch of a button the stitch length and width are all automatically set for each stitch yet still adjustable, they never need oiling, and they nearly always give you free lessons on your new machine too. I've used them for many years and never had a single problem. No computer gliches ever. They can do so much more that you will find yourself never regretting that decision. A whole new world of joy awaits. It's like the difference between an old manual typewriter, and a computer. Good luck with your choice.


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