Monday, September 13, 2010

Mondays and celebrations

To celebrate my first Monday home alone (because my kids are all at school), I mopped my downstairs bathroom & kitchen, washed three loads of laundry, and burned some toast.

The smell of burned toast is very over-powering....especially when it is burned to the point of flames coming out of the toaster.  And boy does it linger.  I burned it five hours ago and the smell is still in the air.

The smell is so nauseating that I was forced to go down to my work area in the basement and escape to the more pleasant smells of papers, inks, and stamp cleaner.

Which I was going to do anyway because I needed to make two more samples for my 4H class tomorrow.

I think the 4H group is all boys so they might appreciate more masculine type 12x12 samples.

There is something bizzare going on with my connection/and or computer this morning so I'm going to save and post before I lose everything.  One burned out appliance on this sunny Monday is enough.......I'm not in the position to put flames out on my computer.

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