Sunday, September 26, 2010

Family Vehicle

 I purchased the Stampin Up Decor Elements All In The Family some time ago and just decided to try them out on my vehicle. 

We had some hot days this week but the forecast said it was supposed to cool down on Friday.  I decided to wait till that day so the acrylic wouldn't melt in the hot sun.  The directions don't actually say to not apply the Decor Elements in the direct sun but I wasn't taking any chances.  Plus, I'd rather not sweat while I work so 60 degree temps were more appealing than 90 degrees (and yes, in Michigan, we do have those kind of extreme temps in a 24 hour period).

First, start with a very clean surface--this is tricky for my vehicle because we live on a dirt road and my black Acadia is rarely clean.....

And did you see I made myself a customized license plate???  I always wanted one of those and edited my photo in MS Paint so it would look like I had one.  Thinking of my favorite hobbies, I had to decide between I STAMP or IHEARTCHOCOLATE or CAUTION:  THIS VEHICLE STOPS AT ALL KOHLS.  I went with the most important....

After I thoroughly cleaned the back window, I lined up the six images I had.  I certainly did not want to mix up my family members and put them in the wrong order.

Applying the images was very easy (with the exception of a few eyes that didn't want to come off the paper and stick to my glass initally) and the whole process only took about 15 minutes.

Here is the finished image.

I love how the Father image has a tie!  How did they know my husband, the accountant, wore one everyday?  To be honest though, my 16 year old daughter is many inches taller than me and my second child, the 13 year old son, is too.  But it could have been worse, I could have put the kids much closer together to make it look like they were all holding hands! 

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