Sunday, August 22, 2010

A card that is good enough to eat

I saved showing you this card for last.  Mostly because it was so much fun to make at class.  And because it is totally different than I usually make.

Remember I promised to make at least one Man Card every month?  Well, I qualified this card to be a Man Card (except one of my stampers said it isn't as much of a Man card as it is a Teen card.  Ooops.)

We used a huge assortment of punches for this card.  The wrapper for the hamburger (which is beef by the way and NOT venison--for the Accountant's benefit) is regular ol' wax paper from my kitchen cabinet.

We put the 'fries' through the crimper.

The plaid paper is from the Celebrations DSP.

And the speckles or sesame seeds on the hamburger bun is made using the Color Sprizer Tool (and a chocolate chip marker).

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