Wednesday, March 17, 2010

two cards we made on Monday:

This past Monday was my Stamp Class, I may have mentioned it a time or two.  Here are two of the cards we made.
This first one was a fun and easy card to make.  We used Flamingo paper and the Curly Label Punch for most of it. 

Contrary to a few comments I heard at class, this was NOT supposed to be a Valentines Card.  Just because there is a heart on it does not mean you can only give it to someone on February 14th!  Come on people--you can feel and give the love at other times of the year too......(this is not directed at you unless you are my 9 year old son and/or my BFF Robin) 

This Happy Birthday Tool Card is very very similar to one that Michelle made and showed on her blog.  And I also made one similar to it HERE.

The past few days we have enjoyed brilliant sun and temps in the mid 60s.  I am finding it very hard to stamp on days like this when they aren't normal for this time of year in Michigan.  But I'll be back tomorrow to show you the last card we made in class.  AND THEN, on Monday, the 22nd of March, I'm participating in a Blog Hop with some fellow stampers in my expanded group.  We'll show you new and exciting work.  We'll have icons you click on to get to the next participant.  If you haven't seen one of these Blog Hops, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of work and the ease of hopping from one blog to the next on the list.  And best of all--it is FREE entertainment!  It'll be a nice way to spend your Monday morning.

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