Wednesday, March 10, 2010

totally tool birthday card

I had to take a quick picture of this card before I stuffed it into an envelope for my little brother's birthday (not so little--he turned 33 last week).  That is why the picture is a little flat.  But maybe you didn't notice because I'm not really known for superior photo taking skills in the first place.

I saw another stamper had made a card similar to this and it was her idea to run the More Mustard paper through the Big Shot with the Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.  Turning the polka dotted cardstock upside down (or would it be backwards?), it looks like a peg board that a guy (or a tool using and collecting lady) might have in his tool area.  In fact, I like this so much that we'll be making a card similar to this in March's Stamp Class on Monday.

And that is what I've been up to the past couple of days--making cards for Monday's Class.  I'll have lots to show you in the next couple of days.  Cards that we'll make and cards that I made that didn't quite make the cut for Class. 

I've also been busy in court trying to get my ticket from my accident dismissed (to no avail--I lost), taking my little boys to the eye doctor (oh my!  that was an experience!  it was my youngest's first time visiting the eye doctor and you would have thought he was going to Disney World by how excited he was!), and spending time at physical therapy for my whiplash (maybe if I'd worn the neck brace to court the magistrate would have had more compassion on me?).  Plus, my 15 year old daughter had some days off from school and she convinced me to waste hours of my life I'll never get back watch Pride and Prejudice with her.  She is crazy about that movie, Mr Darcy.

I updated my blogspot settings to more easily upload pictures and post but for the life of me I can NOT find the spell check button now.  Till then, please forgive any mistakes.  Spelling was my favorite subject only till 3rd grade so any word with more than three sylables are probably misspelled.

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