Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloweeny Hiney

I've got a few odds and ends to share with you today. And don't forget about my December Class project that I'm super excited about.

First, I made two cards for my daughter's coach. I let Shannon pick which one she liked better and the team will all sign it tomorrow. Their last Volleyball tournament is tomorrow and the coach treated them to a pizza party tonight. This card is a thank you for the pizza. And the pop.
Pop, at a restaurant, is a very big deal around our house. Not only does it have zero nutritional value and is full of chemicals and long words I can't pronounce, the caffeine does odd things to my six year old's personality. The biggest reason we don't usually treat ourselves to pop at restaurants though, is the cost! With the six of us, pops with our meal easily add an extra $14.00 to the bill!
So, to get back on the topic at hand, the thank you card is for the coach's generosity in taking the girls to our local pizza place and ordering three very large pizzas and all the pop they could drink.
Both cards I made (and she picked this second one) used the same exact layout. The first card used my Halloween papers and colors and the second card used Flamingo paper from Stampin Up.
The stamps are from H&M Stamp company.
Here are the quick cards I gave to my Stampers who are in the Stamp Club:

I wanted to print out the Pumpkin Parable and put it in each card but I couldn't find one online. I love that story.

And the last thing I wanted to share with you is an awesome recipe for a quick nutritional low calorie snack. Pat, from my stamp class shared it with us last Monday. Thanks Pat!

Garlic Pretzels

12 oz Orville Popcorn Oil (just kidding about the nutritional low calorie part)

2 tbl garlic pepper

1 pkg dry Ranch seasoning

2 lbs pretzels

mix the first three ingredients & pour over pretzels in a zip lock bag--large.

spread out on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 10 minutes


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