Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When Life Hands Me Lemons...

I can't actually say that Life has handed me too many lemons....but when I get 'em, I try to make lemonade. Or a card that only looks like a glass of lemonade!
I found this idea at THIS weblog. I don't know how she made hers so fresh and crisp and rounded her glass so nicely. (Maybe she has more practice making lemonade??). The glass is vellum paper, which I find hard to work with in the first place. I sponged Yo Yo Yellow on the vellum and put a strip of sticky tape around the 'lip' for the dazzling diamonds.
What a great idea though. Thanks for putting your idea out there so that I can copy, Kerin!

1 comment:

Beth Rhoden said...

cute card looks good to me.


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