Friday, June 12, 2009

Now what do we do??

Today was the Big Transition in America. Television broadcasting networks across the nation went from analog signals to digital. This means, in order to receive those digital signals, our TV has to be digital or have a converter (only, guess what?? converters don't work so great out in the country! We still only get a couple of channels).

We don't have dish or satellite TV or cable. We are very low tech frugal people, us Salgats. We use the antennas that come with our television sets. Sometimes, we have even been known to get out the aluminum foil to wrap the antennas to try to get a better reception for our favorite TV shows.

The nice part of this transition is that it is nice outside. If the transition happened in the dead of winter, crime rates in my neighborhood alone would very quickly escalate the national statistics. But with the beautiful sunshine we had today, the transition couldn't have happened on a nicer day. Because now we have more time for this:

And this:

And this:

Oh-and stampin too!

Have I shown you this yet? If I have, please forgive me.

This is a birthday card we made in class a long while ago. I love the fold so much that I made a few extra pieces to keep on hand. It holds a gift card in the center here:

It is a fun and easy card to make. My youngest two are going to a birthday party tomorrow a.m. and their gift to the 9 year old boy is a gift certificate to our local Dairy Queen. They are hoping he'll invite them when it is time for the boy to redeem his gift certificate. I like the way my boys think!!!

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Anonymous said...

Look how skinny you are in that last pic!!!


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