Saturday, June 13, 2009

Unique Fish

This is the card my kids will present to their dad on Father's Day next Sunday.
He loves to fish (and does it often) so he'll probably think the bear holding the string of fish represents him. But really, I meant for the single colorful fish to be him. He is One of a Kind.
I'll be showing you, tomorrow, some of the cards we are making for Monday's class. I've been working hard on the cards--the masculine cards, remember. I'm aching to use ribbons and buttons, and scallops again. You can only do so much with Man Cards.


Anonymous said...

Jen, Cute card, I really like that bear stamp set, we use it alot. Jean

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could just let him think he was the bear and we'll keep it to ourselves that he's really the smallest colorful fish hanging from a string, just this once.

Good job with the man card.


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