Thursday, April 23, 2009

Next Two Cards

My internet/phone was down for the last 24 hours so I haven't been able to show you the last two cards from Monday's class. And while I missed getting online to chat with you and check my emails and stalk other blogs, I got so much work done today that I'm totally impressed with myself!

Laundry was done and folded and put away. That almost never happens on the same day! My house was spotless and I actually sat down and read a few pages of a library book. I grilled chicken and boiled eggs for a grilled chicken salad dinner and had that ready for everyone at 5:00 sharp. It was a little glimpse of what my life might be like if I didn't blog or stamp. Or have my own obsessions. My own life. If I'm not careful, my family might get used to it.

Here is the fourth card from class:

I think we used 53 different Stampin Up punches to make him! Not really---just six. And for those that needed a girl graduation card, they could alter it up a little bit and make her:

I encouraged my stampers to put two fingers in her left hand to make the peace sign and not create a rebellious graduate with only one finger up. But, in the end, I left it up to them. Creative license and all.

The fifth and final card was a wedding card using the To Have and To Hold set:

Tuesday's post showed you the first three cards in case you missed them.
I've had to cancel May's class but I am really excited about June's class. I'm calling it my Man Month class. We'll make all five cards manly. This will be more of a struggle for me to come up with but I think everyone will like it. It'll be something new.


Sharon said...

Hi Jen, I really love your graduation cards. So creative with the use of all those punches.

Anonymous said...

Jen, Guess what? I went to a garage sale today and got the pines stamp set a few others also. I am so excited now you can show me how you did that manly card with the ducks and sunset. Jean

Anonymous said...

Jen, You are missing again. Is your phone down again. Miss you. Jean


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