Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will an eight year old care?

Will the eight year old boy who is going to receive this card care that I punched out all the different colored stars with two different size star shaped punches?
Will he appreciate that I used a Stamp-a-majig to get all the circles lined up perfectly on the white card stock and that it took me nearly 8 minutes?
Will he realize I used my new Circle Scissor Plus and Glass Mat for the circles behind the cupcake to make them exactly 1/4 inch apart?
Will he notice the embossed card base I made with my Stampin Up Texturz plates?
Will he even comprehend that each layer is raised on 14 different dimensionals?
Or that I lined up the tab punch to make the slots to tie the ribbon through?
Or that the photo corners are anchored with three star brads?
Probably not. He'll just rip open the envelope and shake the card to see if money falls out.
Life is so unfair.


Anonymous said...

Jen, I like it, its a very cool card. I don't know if I would make the blue dots on the white paper, too time consuming but very pretty. Jean

Peggy said...

Or...if he's like my husband and doesn't think there is anything but a card inside, never even open it. GRRRRRR! Anyway, beautiful card. I love it! Love Peggy

Beth said...

Your post made me smile. We all noticed though!! Beautiful card!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! This is the kind of card I labor over and my husband walks by and comments in passing, "Two minutes at the Hallmark and you'd be done!" They JUST DON'T GET IT! :D)


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