Friday, January 23, 2009

Valentiney treat box

Hey! There are even some red and silver chocolate kisses in this treat box! Seriously, they are in there, buried under the curly shredded white paper.
Usually, chocolate is hard for me to resist but I realized.....a. if I eat the chocolate, I'd have to write the amounts down in my official Food Diary for the gym and I don't want to cause I'm too lazy and......b. if I ate all the kisses it would be a little tacky to give an empty treat box to someone for Valentine's Day. So I've left it alone.

My youngest child loves to bring presents to his kindergarten teacher and he is super excited to present her with this. He also made a card, which I'll show you tomorrow.

This box is made by cutting out four mini envelopes with the scallop envelope die and the big shot. I just glued the flaps together and put a few extras on the front.
You may remember I made one similar to this for Halloween. You can see it HERE.

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tionya said...

Super cute as always, Jen. Keep up the great work. I love reading your blog whenever I can.


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