Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hording Sweet Always

In between phone calls from various political people reminding me to vote yesterday and taking my boys to the Big City to enjoy the benefits* of all A's on their report cards, I was able to make this fun little 5x5 card for my friend.
I used Sweet Always DP from Stampin Up--I think I'm going to horde this paper because it is my absolute favorite. Hording is the other side of stamping that you never hear about. You always hear about the fun stuff like shopping trips for supplies, chat rooms and blogs with other stampers, showing off what you've made in order to I mean...inspire each other...but hording is a dangerous side effect in the stamping world.
The thought process goes like this:
you see a product that you'd like to try
you buy it
you find that you love it
you love looking at it
you love matching it with other products that you already own
then you start to not want to use it because you only have a few pieces of it
you can't sleep at night because you worry that it will be discontinued tomorrow and you'll never see it again in your life
you decide to go to the store/website/demonstrator immediately the next day and buy more just in case it is discontinued
in the end you have quite a few pieces but you are still afraid that it might be the only ones you'll ever have so you never use it anymore
this is called hording
Be honest, has this happened to anyone else?? For me, it tends to be shiny sparkly pretty embellishments. Hardly ever paper but I think, this once, I'm going to start hording paper. And it is going to be Sweet Always DP from Stampin Up.
*In our family, the benefits of A's on your report card result in a trip to Chuck E Cheese's where you present your report card at the counter and receive 15 free tokens from Chuck E Cheese's (any grades actually will get you free tokens but I don't tell my kiddos that), a trip to Krispy Kreme where they give you one free glazed donut for each A (they limit it to 6), and a little shopping trip to pick out a new toy or game from mom and dad.


shan said...

Beautiful blog from a beautiful person!! :)

Mary Fish said...

Use the paper How else would you showcase this adorable card. I'm a recovering paperholic trying to offer you sound advice. Hugs, Mary


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