Tuesday, November 4, 2008


On today's card is an image of me from yesterday. Can you tell what store I shopped at by my bag? Target, of course. And don't I look great?? ha ha. I love these bella images. Here is the website where you can order your own fun bella or just enjoy seeing the images.
My daughter was off from school yesterday(and the boys were in school because they go to a different school so it was a mother daughter shopping day). Have you been shopping with a 14 year old lately??
We cruised the mall, sat in massage recliners that cost us a dollar for an awesome 3 minute massage, ate at Red Robin, and laughed. A lot. These are the times that I LOVE being a mom. I didn't do so well when the kids were babies. I much prefer kids that are more independent and can carry on a conversation.
Today the boys' school day is done at noon and I promised them a day of excitement. It is a totally different plan, though. They like Chuck E Cheese, McDonalds, and the Dollar store.
I'm hoping to squeeze in a visit to Hobby Lobby.

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Anonymous said...

Jen, That's a cute card, really like the colors and the shopping bag. Your blog is the greatest and your stories are cute and funny. Jean


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