Thursday, October 2, 2008

a brief commercial full of specials and a flashback

Stampin Up is celebrating a birthday! The company is celebrating 20 years this month. To invite you to celebrate with us, Stampin Up is offering a 20% savings off of birthday stamps once you spend $20.00 on any products. The sale flyer is on the left on my sidebar and it will link you to the list. You can also click here and see the info. During the past 8 years of stamping with SU! I have seen very few sales. Very few discounts or specials. I think there have been more sales in the past few weeks than ever. How exciting! I love a sale! The birthday sale lasts through October 31st. Here is something to think about....if you buy three colors of cardstock, a black ink pad, the Crazy for Cupcakes stampset, which is 6 stamps on sale for under $20.00, you can make 48 birthday cards for LESS THAN A DOLLAR a CARD. And you'd re-use the stamps and inkpad for almost forever. Contact me if you want to start saving money and give the gift of a hand stamped card.

Also, October 1-November 30, you can get ANY free stamp set out of the catalog sampler (above)for free. If you have ordered from me in the past two months, I have included the catalog sampler in your order. By submitting a show total of $350.00 you can pick any stamp set in the sampler for free. And don't forget all of this goes towards your Inky Fingers, Paper Cuts, and a Glitter Mustache Freequent Shopper Card total towards a free stamp set in the SU! Catalog from me. Click here for those details.

Now.....all that thinking about how few sales there have been with Stampin Up in the past and exactly how long I've been stamping, I started thinking about my very first card I ever made. It was at a friend's house 8 years ago and she was hosting a Stampin Up workshop. I was invited. To a what?!? I asked. I wasn't sure what a Stampin Up workshop was or if I'd even like it. This is the card we made:
And I loved it! I loved feeding the paper through the crimper, I loved the multi colors of the spectrum pad, and using the deckle scissors and then sponging the edges. I remember everything about that workshop and it was awesome. I'm not sure though, why I never actually mailed the card to anyone. I'm glad I kept it though. It makes me have good feelings when I look at it.
And the first stamp set I ordered is still in my possession. I'll never part with it. Even if it is worth hundreds on Ebay. I'm working on a card today using that very first set. I'll show you tomorrow.

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