Wednesday, October 1, 2008

mojo55----details as promised.

I'm on my way to the Big City (Grand Rapids) to run errands and get some food for my house. Apparently, we can't live on papercrafts and glitter....hmmmm....there are other things to shop for once in a while (or so I've been told by my hungry kiddos).
I promise I'll edit this post later to add details and let you know the special reason I made this card. Here is the original sketch I used: The triangle on the end was optional so I put my own "sharp" image there, using the arrow.

As promised, here is a little more info on today's card~~by the way, everyone here at home is satisfied. Thanks be to me for loading up at Sam's Club and buying enough jumbo packs of lunch snacks to last till the rest of the school year! I'm talking granola bars, chips, single serving peanuts, snack sized nutter butters, and a 110 piece variety pack of crackers. No one should be complaining for a long while.

Back to the card: I had a social visit last Friday from my sister-in-law. She is one of my best friends and always an encouragement to me. Except sometimes when we 'girl talk' and I remember that she is married to my brother and there is certain 'information' I can't handle.....if you know what I brain just shuts down.

But, I digress. Anyway, she came to visit and as soon as she pulled up in the MomVan with her two adorable kiddos, I handed her a paint brush, told her where to sit and promptly put her to work for 4 hours helping me paint 380 spindles on my front porch. Front and back and both sides of the spindles. And what a worker she is! She kept me focused and we almost got the job done. It was actually fun.

I would like to thank her by giving her a $100 gift certificate to a spa to spoil herself with a manicure, pedicure, or a facial. Wouldn't that be nice of me? I'd like to but I can't. I have no money. I spent it all on new stamp sets from Stampin Up. But I made her this card. Essentially the same thing, right?? A spa certificate vs. a hand made card from your sister-in-law??

I was thinking of her the whole time. Even when I heat embossed the petals from the Pick A Petal set and heat embossed the white circles on the Bashful blue paper. I thought of her hard work while I paper pierced the corner and sanded the DP layer behind the central flower image. And I was thinking of her when I picked out the color scheme of Pumpkin Pie, Bashful Blue, and Riding Hood Red. The words Celebrate You were from the Celebrate Everything set and fits how I feel about her perfectly.

So, dear sister-in-law, you'll be receiving the card in the mail soon. Thanks for all your help!

PS. There are still a few spindles left. Does anyone want to come visit me this week??


Anonymous said...


Your cards are always beautiful, but they pale in comparison to the one creating them!


The Accountant

Anonymous said...

Jen, Wow you have a great accountant, what a comment. Jean

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card!
But if you think that great friend/sister-in-law should also get a gift certificate in the card, vote YES.

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

What a sweet card. I bet your SIL loves it. Thanks for playing! :)


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