Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why couldn't someone else have done it first?

I am NOT a mathematician. Anyone who has come to my classes can testify to that. And my poor dear husband, the accountant, he can tell you about my math lack of them. They have all seen my math capabilities first hand. How I struggle to add orders with the correct amount of shipping and tax and keep track of payments. And that is even when I use a calculator!

So, I wanted to make a box-in-a-bag, as seen on this website, to match my birthday card from last night. But the finished bag was not big enough for what I wanted to put it in. No, I can't tell you what I am putting in it.

I seriously thought about just buying a different present so that it would fit but decided to give it a try. I measured the item (nope, not gonna tell you what it is) and decided to make the base 4.5 by 4.5. Then, I remembered that you score an inch from each side and that definitely made the bag too I added two inches to see what happened. Of course, making a bigger base requires longer paper to wrap around it for the bag part of the box-in-a-bag. So, I had to figure that out. And then the bottom heaviness of the bag made the tiny tabs on the top look off-kilter so I had to add the extra scalloped layers of Tempting Turquoise.

After only wasting a few precious pieces of paper and using a lot more adhesive than someone who would have measured it correctly at first, I actually think this turned out quite cute. And it matches the card! I love things that match.......

I know my friend, who is celebrating her birthday today, will love the gift (shhh! don't even ask about it) as well as the wrapping. She'll get just as excited as I am when she sees it. In fact, she may not even care about that fantastic gift inside (is it bugging you yet?) and just keep the card and box-in-a-bag.

Ok, I'll tell you what is inside but first you have to ask nicely in the comments section ;0)

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