Saturday, August 16, 2008

a fun thing about making your own card

One really neat thing about making a card for someone is that it can be a totally unique creation specifically for the recipient.

If you look at today's card, you may not be super impressed by it. Probably not at all. But I love it because it says so much about the couple it was designed for......the argyle print paper with its straight lines and sharp points is completely at odds with the glittery round letters. The rigid cuts of the layers of card stock are softened a tad bit by the round petals of the flower.

This card is for a husband and wife who manifest those same characteristics. One of them, may he remain anonymous, is laced and....dependable. He is an accountant who likes his 'T's crossed, his 'I's dotted and his routine unchanged. He stays in his proverbial box most of the time. The other half of the duo is more fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants and likes a little more attention (hence the glitter). She bends a little more with life and likes to try new things. But also, she allows her husband to stabalize her and keep her grounded. Just like the silver metal brad keeps the felt flowers safe on the card stock.

Ok, maybe I'm over-thinking the card a little bit. Maybe I just thought the glitter was pretty and the new Baja Breeze felt flower matched? Either way, I probably won't go in to all that detail when I hand the card over to my husband when he returns from his trip on Monday. I'll just smile and tell him I missed him and felt like making him a card with some of my new Stampin Up products.

No matter what, it is always nice to get a card, isn't it.


tionya said...

I love it and think it's a perfect compliment to the cute couple it goes to! If Aric is like Dan, he'll be so thrilled to get something so well thought out. Especially since they know how long it takes to make such a beautiful card and how hard it is for us to part with!

Stamping Dog Mom said...

Cute card and I like your blog! Great job from a fellow SU! demo :).


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