Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lovin' the Banner Train

I'm usually slow to hop on the train for a new trend. 

And true to form, it took me a while to appreciate all the banners I have been seeing in the craft world recently.  I've seen paper banners, fabric banners, sock banners, pine cone banners.....all kinds of banners (I made up the sock banner but wouldn't that be cute?  A sock --clean of course--from each member of the family strung up across your fire place the night before some gift giving holiday?  oh wait....we do that already don't we?  Darn! I thought I was on to something unique!).

Stampin Up makes banner making incredily easy with a punch for paper crafting and a die for everything else (fabrics included).  Oh the fun I'm going to have now that I love banners!

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