Thursday, June 24, 2010

sewing and hairbands and class cards with a dash of baseball championships

I didn't realize how time consuming child raising, house work, two hobbies, teenage work schedules, and little league baseball could be.  I wish I had a clone.  The clone could do the boring stuff and I could enjoy the fun stuff more!

But I know everyone has hectic schedules too and, honestly, most of my activities are self inflicted so I need to stop my whining, right?

Today's card is one we made Monday for stamp class and is based on THIS layout.  All of my cards for this month's class involved retiring products.  The yellow base, Crushed Curry, is gone for good on June 30th as well as the stamp set, Best Wishes and More.

We also made melted satin flowers at class and I think my stampers enjoyed it immensely.  I guess we all have a little bit of a fire bug in us!

I added half pearls from the Pretties Kit and glued my flowers to a headband:

As I referenced earlier, I'm enjoying another hobby at the moment-quilting!  Here is a table runner I made yesterday at a Quilting class at a local quilt shop:

I recently purchased a new camera and am not very happy with it.  That is another reason I haven't posted in a while--my old camera wasn't working and the new one is troublesome.  In the Big World of camera options, my new one is probably considered amateurish and cheap (olympus fe).  Does anyone have a suggestion for a different one?  I just need the pictures to be clear and the camera easy to use and the price to be reasonable.  Can anyone out there help??

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