Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Country Home to Yours

The sentiment on today's card is from the Bella's Bloom stamp set.  I figured that if I'm sending you a greeting that says 'from our home to yours', my card better have a country feel to it.  Hence the sunflower and the gingham ribbon.

And when I say 'country', I mean country.  This was made obvious to me when we visited Chicago for Spring Break.  Chicago was filled with people, tall buildings, sidewalks, people, street lights, traffic lights, people, stores, and restaraunts.  The sounds of the city included horns, non stop rushing traffic, street preachers, trains, airplanes, sirens, shouts, bus announcements and air brakes, and accents.

Out here, I have a 500 foot long gravel driveway that approaches my house (which sets on 51 acres).  Many times we have encountered and forced to stop for deer that are darting across the drive.  We've also had near misses with raccoon families, rabbits, pheasants, and very large horrible snakes.

Just this morning we witnessed turkeys fighting in our back yard!

The sounds of the country are different too.  This time of year the frogs in the swamp are very loud as well as the crickets in the summer and the pheasants crowing in the fall. 

I loved Chicago but I love and prefer my country home. 

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Renee said...

aww i love this! Great card. Blessings,


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