Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blooper Cards

You know how DVDs provide Extra Features at the end of the movie so you can view bloopers and gags and deleted scenes?? 

That is sort of what today's post is.  Only, don't worry, this doesn't signify the 'end' of my blog.  I'm just throwing these at you because I thought you might want to see them. 

These are the cards I played with this week that didn't make the cut for my Stamp Class.

Wrong colors, or textures, or design.  Multiple reasons. And even while I worked with these cards I could see they weren't coming together at all.  But I finished them and gave them a chance. I even walked away for a few hours and came back to see them with a fresh eye.  To no avail. 

I guess not every card will be considered a work of art--for sure, not the majority of cards you will see from me, but it should be a card you like and a reflection of who you are.  And these two just didn't do that.

And so, what do I do with cards like these that I don't want to give to anyone?  I send them to that Great Place where all Not So Good Cards go.....into a scrap basket for my six year old to disassemble and cut and re glue and staple and tape and remake into a creation of his own.  And he'll love it.

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