Friday, February 19, 2010

not a cry for pity--just sharing the facts

Two things happened in the last week that have prevented me from posting.

1. First, I discovered that slush covered roads are about as dangerous as icy roads. I have lived in Michigan almost my entire life and have never had this happen. Because of slush, I crashed my car into a ditch and up against a few trees. The ditch is still there. The trees didn't even balk. The slush never cared. But my poor beautiful red Impala didn't survive. And my neck took a beating too. Before last Friday, I never realized how hard it is to stamp while wearing a neck brace! You can't.

But, I'm fine. Don't worry. I waited till I was positive I would be ok before I even told ya. My neck is on the mend, the headaches are less intense and soon I'm sure I'll be able to start stamping again. I'm not even taking anymore of those little white pills (doctor recommended, mind you)that send you into a pleasant state of oblivion. I'm on the hunt for a new vehicle and a good massage person.


2. My daughter took a road trip to Savannah GA with my mom and dad. Normally, a child's absence does not impede me from posting. But she took my memory card for my camera! Even if I did find a way to stamp while wearing a neck brace (the Accountant keeps calling it a collar which is so totally wrong), I would have had no way to photograph anything in order to upload it to my blog.

So please accept one or both of my reasons for the quietness of Inky Fingers, Paper Cuts, and a Glitter Mustache and catch up with me next week.

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