Friday, January 8, 2010

An exciting new addition

When I showed you the picture of my new cabinets a few days ago, I hinted that I might have to add more storage space because I had way more stuff than I thought I did.
And even though The Accountant suggested maybe I get rid of some of my supplies (silly him), I made a trip to Lowes to get another cabinet. A big one. The mother of all cabinets--a 84 inch tall by 24 inch deep pantry. Which I placed to the right of my counter as seen in the picture.

I went right to work this morning sanding and staining and filling it up with my amazing amount of stamping stuff and here it is!

You also may notice that I have a new chair. This is my Christmas present from The Accountant. What a surprise! I never even asked him for one. This is the guy who once gave me an ICE SCRAPER for my birthday, remember?!? Even though I stand at the counter most of the time, I love my new chair. It is a drafting chair so it is quite high and fits at my counter perfectly.

On the side of the cabinet, I hung two magnetic (knife holders actually) strips from Ikea. They hold my spellbinders/nestibilities wonderfully.

I couldn't be more pleased. Well.... I'd still like the mini fridge to hold Dr Pepper and a laptop would be a nice thing to have BUT, till those arrive some distant day in the far future, I'm very content with my work station.
And here is the real reason you may have stopped by my blog--today's card:

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