Friday, December 11, 2009

My new little stampin corner

After waiting for months and months (and quite patiently, I must say since hubby, The Accountant is doing all the work himself), my new stamping area is almost done.

I'm so excited!

Here is the list of what I required in a stamping area:
  • Cabinets-with doors- for my stuff
  • Counter top height work surface (because I usually stand up while working)
  • file cabinet to hold cardstock
  • racks to hold punches
  • good lighting
  • tv/radio to keep me company
  • small refrigerator to hold cans of Dr Pepper
  • Internet connection for lap top
  • lap top

I think I'm pretty easy to please, don't you???

Well, after some debating, I compromised a little bit on my requirements and gave up the fridge and the Internet/lap top ideas (temporarily, he he).

And this is my almost-finished area:

We used standard in-stock cabinets from Lowes that I finished myself. We also used an in-stock counter top.

The racks that are holding my punches are from Ikea. Can you believe they were only $2.99 each?? I know. The Accountant put them up on the wall the correct way--with dry wall anchors even--which is a good thing because those punches weigh a lot. Left to myself, I don't think I'd have used the anchors and would probably have deeply regretted that once I placed the fifth punch on the first rack.

My absolutely FAVORITE part of this work area is the pull out two drawer file system I found on the Lowes website. It was a little pricey but oh so nice! It is sturdy and holds a lot of cardstock and glides very smoothly in and out of the 18 inch cabinet. I love love love this part.

Unfortunately, these cabinets are already completely packed with my supplies. I thought I had enough space until I started organizing and putting stuff away. I'm thinking I need a pantry type cabinet now.
The Accountant, who was watching me transfer all my supplies, said what ever doesn't fit in my new cabinets means I have too much. I should limit myself to only what fits in the cabinets.
Aren't they cute when they say stuff like that???
I also compromised on the radio/tv to keep me company because just around the corner, in the unfinished section of the basement, is the tv that the kids have hooked up their gamecube/wii/playstation2/whatever and they spend a lot of time down there keeping me company.
Who needs a radio when you've got two rockers battling each other to 80s songs??

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Tamera said...

I love this post! Read every word...sorry but sometimes I skip through the card explanations. :)
I wish I had helped you move into your new place and I cant wait to see it in person. When I saw the counter filled with stuff I thought to myself that it wasn't going to be big enough for you.


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