Friday, November 20, 2009

Shaker Christmas Card

This is one of the cards we made on Monday at class. It was our first time making a shaker card and I think it was a success. Glitter is always fun to work with.

Today's card is very similar to THIS card.
The Mellow Moss layer (green) was embossed with a Stampin Up embossing plate. Normally, the embossing doesn't show up as well-pressed. To get a crisper emboss, my daughter and I spritzed the cardstock with a light mist of alcohol before running it through the Big Shot. (We did this the day before class and it was rubbing alcohol.)
So there is your Tip of the Day: get your cardstock slightly damp before embossing it and you'll see quite a difference in the raised embossing. We used rubbing alcohol because it dries faster than plain ol' water.

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