Friday, November 13, 2009

Papercraft Backpack

If you're a little bored and feeling up to a challenge today, click HERE to find the directions to make this nifty backpack.
And believe me, it is a challenge! I printed out all 324 pages of the tutorial (it is a very well written and photographed tutorial by the way...) before tackling the project, got all my supplies around, and made sure my work space was neat and tidy. Even with that preparation, it was a struggle.
Here is a different view:
And to show you how small this actually is (you're not going to fit school books or notebooks or pencils or erasers in this one!), here is a photo of the normal sized gift card that I'm putting inside the backpack for my niece (who's birthday was sorry Autumn! Your Auntie has been scatterbrained as of late):
I consider myself fairly adept at working with papers and other basic crafting supplies but I'm not ready to try this one again in the near future.

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