Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A baby card to share.

Our babysitter from years ago had her first baby this summer and we were invited to the baby shower.
Let me say, I love love love baby showers!
I usually win the games because I'm pretty serious about them. I never say the word 'baby' but catch everyone else saying it and I end up with LOTS of diaper pins on my shirt (sorry if you haven't played that game at a baby shower and have no idea what I'm talking about). I always know what kind of chocolate bars were melted into the diapers for the 'what did baby eat?' game. And I'm a pretty good guesser of the pregnant mom's weight.
Just kidding. That isn't a game. And it wouldn't be very fun would it?
I also love the petite fours and the other yummy snacks.
And I love the gift opening time because everything is so stinkin' cute for those first born babies.
Today's project was part of our gift.
When you open the Velcro flap, I used the Word Window punch to make a slit for a gift card:


Anonymous said...



Gardenia said...

What a cute idea, I just love it!!!

Gardenia said...

Your little card gave me some huge inspiration and I made one similar, I have linked it back to your original and given you credit for it, hope that is ok


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