Saturday, August 8, 2009

sketch challenge interrupts heavy lifting and hammer banging

While busy rearranging new furniture and finishing off our basement (I'm more of the cheerleader for the project and The Accountant is the Worker Bee. I would have called him the Drone but then I took the time to look up what a drone bee actually is and figured I shouldn't. Having the correct definition is extremely important and helpful for word pictures and I didn't want you to get the wrong word picture for what we are doing in our basement...) I found some time to try out the sketch challenge over at splitcoast stampers.
Here was the sketch:

I used my favorite new Stampin Up papers, Cottage Wall. Rich Razzleberry and Old Olive go with those papers so nicely.

edited to add: Wow, I've learned a lot about bees today. Upon further research, I have found that Worker Bees are females. So, I guess that is NOT a good title for my hardworking, basement finishing, all male Accountant. Please forgive me, husband. I will stay away from the whole Bee analogy in the future as it seems that male bees only serve one basic purpose, and that is to mate with the queen. And while you do a good job treating me like a queen, you serve me in so many more ways than way male bees serve their queen.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! I love your color scheme and your interpretation of the sketch. GREAT job!


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