Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Totally Tools-thank you

Man Card Class #2 card. For some odd reason, I enjoy saying "Man Card". It just has a nice ring to it. You'll hear me say it for the next few posts as I show you my Man Card Class cards.
Have I told you about my classes and the ladies that come stamp? They are a riot. I look forward to class every month. The variety of topics we have discussed is amazing. From the best ways to supplemental heat your home to pole dancing and everything in between. I have some that do a lot of talking and some that do more listening but it is always a fun night.
My ladies are quite independent and can handle a stamp and ink very well. Occasionally, I have to assist in showing them a new technique or fetch more paper for them, or try to explain (I'm a poor explainer) how I adhered an embellishment, but mostly, they sit down to a table, look at a card and achieve great results on their own.
I get to visit, eat spinach dip and sip beverages and enjoy the atmosphere. Once in a while I'll hear some whispering and giggling and I know something is going on (Kathy, please show the class how you tied on your button...ha ha) but I pretend I don't hear. Come on, ladies, puuleeze. I have four kids. I have grown eyeballs on the back of my head and an extra set of ears behind my original pair. I hear everything.
I love my ladies.

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