Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping Bear--Man Card #4

We actually had plans to be camping today till Saturday evening. We bought our S'mores supplies and our bug spray and extra folding chairs to sit around the fire. We cleaned our Fifth Wheel and made plans for someone to feed our dog. The kids started a count down on our Family Schedule Chalkboard in the mudroom. Then, we watched the weather forecast....

Severe thunderstorms with hail is NOT the kind of forecast I like to camp in. Have you ever been in a 26 foot Fifth Wheel with five kids (one of the kids was bringing a friend) for three rainy thundering hailing days? I have before. It wasn't one of my proudest mom moments. You can only play so many hands of old maid before you start to lose it ('it' refers to my mind my patience and my mother of the year award nomination).

So, we cancelled our camping plans and made a reservation at a near by hotel. Maybe the lobby will have a fire place where we can roast our marshmallows?

1 comment:

shan said...

1. I like the card.
2. I forgive you for not taking us camping...the hotel is better.
3. I love you.


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