Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Buzzin'

With this extremely hot (yesterday was 96 on my outside thermometer--in the shade!!) sunny humid weather we have been experiencing, there are two comfortable places my kids and I have been hanging out. The pool and the basement.
We love the pool because it is cleaner than a lake, out side our back door, and refreshing. We can jump in, get out, dry off, eat a popsicle, and get back in. We repeat this process many times through out the day.
We love the basement because it is cool and spacious. The boys have their games (they roll their eyes at me because I call it an X Box when it is really a Game Cube or Nintendo or Play Station or Wii or what ever it really is. They are all the same to me. Silly mom that I am.) and I have my stampin area (I could roll my eyes at them because they don't know the difference between a paper piercer and a tab punch. Silly boys that they are.). We spend hours down there together. Happily and Cooly.
So, like today's card, I've been busy buzzin' out the cards. My personal stash has been depleted so most of this week's creations are going into my basket for me to use.

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Anonymous said...

Real cute card. Jean


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