Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got my Man on....

That sounds odd doesn't it?
Basically, what I mean is, I'm trying my hardest to make some masculine cards for June's class.
This means I have locked away my scallop punches, my buttons and bows, my beautiful Designer Paper with the soft colors, my flower brads, etc.
I honestly don't think a man would want any of those on his card.
Probably, he wouldn't even want these oversized eyelets on today's card if I asked. I'm sure he wouldn't even know the actual name for the oversized eyelets.
I'm NOT criticizing guys. Don't get me wrong. They just aren't interested like we are. I'm sure my hubby has a whole bunch of thingies and what-ya-call-its in his work bench. And I know he has a ton of accountant related items in his desk drawers at work that I haven't clue about.
No, I'm not criticizing. I'm just talkin truth here, ladies. Guys don't really care about all of our embellishments on our cards. That brings me back to my original topic.......I'm trying really hard to make some manly cards with out the fun stuff. It is a challenge!
The layout for today's card is from THIS blog:

The colors are Sage Shadow and Chocolate Chip. Designer Paper is To The Nines (it is textured and wonderful to work with) and the stamp set is Golden Oldies (in the mini, available till June 30th unless it is in the New Catalog).

1 comment:

Heather the Mooselover said...

What a great masculine card! Cards for men are the worst but I think you nailed it. Great use of Jen's sketch (I love her sketches!)


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