Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Congratulations Graduate--ya-HOOT!

With my son's kindergarten graduation out of the way, I can start making cards for the seniors who are graduating. I'm sure their program won't be as cute as the kindergartners but I've got to give them some credit for completing 13 years of school, right?

The owl on today's card is made out of assorted punches and was fun to make. I found it in the Stampin Up demonstrator's monthly publication, Stampin Success. It is credited to Lyssa Zwolanek, from Watertown, Wisconsin. Thank you for submitting the owl Lyssa! I hope you won lots of free Stampin Up stuff for doing it!


Beth Rhoden said...

cute card like the gard cap

Beth Rhoden said...

oops ment grad cap might make 1 like that for my niece who graduates tomorrow

Lyssa Zwolanek said...

I am so glad you liked my little owl! Your card is GREAT!


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