Sunday, May 3, 2009

B is for Baby

Part of my present for my new little niece is a scrapbook. I thought I'd give it a try. The fun part was shopping for the pink papers and embellishments. The hard part was actually scrapbooking.

Granted, I didn't start it till Thursday night (the shower was Saturday afternoon) so part of it is my own fault for being a procrastinator. But as I am struggling with the layouts I am remembering why I don't scrapbook. I think being able to put a scrapbook together is in a whole different part of your brain from where the card making part of your brain is. I think my scrapbooking section is underdeveloped or damaged. Or something. It is so hard for me.

But, I'll keep trying. She will get the scrapbook but it may be as a graduation present instead of a baby shower present.

Here are some of the 8x8 you can see, I left the areas open for my sister in law to put in her 4x6 photos:

After struggling with it for two nights in a row, I woke up early Saturday morning with the extreme desire to make cards--cards are way easier!! I cranked out three cards (yesterday's post and today's baby card for Riley and my MIL's that I'll show you tomorrow) in a short amount of time because it was 'familiar' to me. It didn't hurt my brain to think. It also helped to use the same layout. This card layout is from the Mojo Monday Blog.

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