Monday, April 13, 2009

Baby Shower card

My little brother had his first baby on Friday. Not really know how that works...and we were able to visit the little family on Saturday at the hospital.
We had so much fun holding and cuddling that little baby girl! Every single one of my kids told me later that we needed a baby here at our house. I kind of agreed with them because little Riley was such a cutie. But after that first second of agreement, I rethought the idea and remembered the bad stuff that comes with babies--spitting up, messy diapers no one else but me changes, sleepless nights, fussy car rides, etc. and I vetoed that suggestion. We can visit Riley lots, hold her for long times, and then leave her with her parents.
Her baby shower is planned for May and so my sister in law and I worked on her invitations today. We made quick work of this project and it was fun. We played around with a few ideas but in the end, I decided to use some of my free supplies from Sale-a-bration (the papers and the ribbon). The white insert will be printed up with the information for the shower and slipped in right before mailing. That will be my sister in laws job. She is the church secretary, remember, and is a whiz at the computer stuff.
We decided to give my mom the job of addressing the envelopes.

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Anonymous said...

That's cute...too bad I couldn't have helped.



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