Wednesday, February 25, 2009

These are the pics that wouldn't load earlier:

These are the pics that wouldn't load earlier. I think it was my fault they wouldn't upload. Three pictures just take a long time for Blogspot to accept and I was too antsy to wait. But here they are!

Making this stationery set was a little complicated at first but once I got into it, it got easier. We used a simply scrappin kit from Stampin Up. These scrappin kits are awesome! They come with all the paper and stickers you need to make a lot of projects. This time, we just needed a half of one kit and I was able to make the holder (first pic), the folder (second pic), and the EIGHT cards (last pic).
This will definitely be a class I'll offer soon. It was too much fun to not share with my stampers.

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Beth said...

Thank you thank you for posting this. This Scrappin kit will be on my next order.


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