Thursday, January 8, 2009

upsy daisy around the house

My mother told me that she likes to guess where, in my house, I have taken the picture of the cards when I post them. She isn't a stamper so she doesn't read my blog to CASE (Copy And Share Everything) my work. She doesn't read to hear about specials or promotions. She likes my cards but really, I think she only reads my posts because she is my mom and moms do that.

So, in honor of my mom and to play a little game with her, I have photographed today's card around the house in various places. Think she can guess them correctly? Hey Mom--guess the right spots and I'll......send you a prize.....or I'll come visit tomorrow........I'll play Spinner with you for hours on end......
Where was the first one placed?
How about this one (this is a hard one):
And this one?
Today's card is a simple example of this week's sketch challenge at They email me the week's sketch, I print them out and make a card.
I discovered a really neat thing about the sketch this week that I never noticed before. When the sketch is printed out, it is the exact same size as a real card. It makes it very easy to measure the different pieces of cardstock to create the layers. The people who make these sketches are way smarter than me to figure out how to do that. I've been playing these sketch 'games' for a year and now I just noticed?? Can I hear a great big DUH?!?! Here is the sketch.
I didn't like the separated top rectangles (3-a and 3-b on the sketch) at all so I pushed mine together for a more 'together' look.
The card is real simple--not a lot of embellishments added. The colors, Close to Cocoa, Certainly Celery, and Baja Breeze are quite soothing together.
My 14 year old had an interesting night last night. If you are interested, click HERE. She has a blog also and is a very good writer. I don't be knowing how she got them good writing skills.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun trying to guess where was that card placed. The first one I would say on top of TV. Second, bathroom. Third, door in kitchen. Now will you play Spinner with me? Mom

Anonymous said...

Jen, What a pretty card. Jean

Jen said...

MOM---You were right on the first spot. The card is on the top of my t.v. cabinet. Wrong on the next two but I'll still come play Spinner with you.
Second card is in the microwave and the third card is in the window of the foyer.
Love ya

Tamera said...

I knew the second one! It was the easiest for me. Maybe because it is my favorite kitchen appliance?


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