Sunday, January 4, 2009

many mini thanks

I received so many nice Christmas presents this year from my friends and family! Now, I get to make thank you notes for the lovely people who gave them to me. My plan is to make the thank yous all different instead of my usual style of mass production.

One of the new stamp sets I recently purchased from Stampin Up with some money I...ahem....put aside in case my family forgot to shop for me this Christmas, was the set called Always.

The heart on today's card is part of that set. I'll be using the set quite a bit this week and will show you different stamps and cards from it.

So what is your favorite gift from Christmas?? One of my favorite gifts this year is a gym membership from my hubby, The Accountant. Before you come to my defense at the potential rudeness of a husband buying his wife a three month gym membership and eight week sessions with a Weight Loss expert, let me tell you that I wanted this present. I sent him quite a few emails with the gym information and left brochures in strategic places around the house.

On his own, The Accountant would not have given me a gym membership, probably because he'd never have thought of it. My dear husband gave me a can of peanuts and an ice scraper for my 29th birthday! On that occasion, I think he just plain forgot until on his way home from work and his choices at the local gas station were poor. He is just not a good gift giver left to his own devices. So, I help him out. Since the ice scraper incident, he has learned quite a bit about proper gift giving and listening to my 'hints' around birthday and Christmas time.

So anyway, his gift to me is fantastic and today's card is for him.

I'm very excited about it! I won't bore you with weight loss posts or my work outs at the gym or 'before' and 'after' pics of me, but I may slip in the occasional story if I know it might make you smile. I'm always willing to sacrifice myself for a good tale.

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jeanila said...

Jen, Wow got my calander card today. It's just beautiful, I love it. Thank- you, Thank you Jean


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