Friday, January 2, 2009

Double sided desk calendar

I intended to make these and mail them to my Stamp Club members as a Christmas present.
Like most of my plans and intentions this past Christmas season, this didn't happen. In my defense, let me tell you, making 15 of these darling calendars was time consuming--but it was fun and I'm pleased with the results.
Now, they are New Years presents to my clubbers and I can't wait till they open their mailboxes and find them on Monday!
I found the idea on Nancy's website. You can find her sample HERE.
The desktop calendars are the size of a basic card. They require the little black gingham ribbon at the bottom because they are so heavy (in Paper Land they are heavy, not in ....say Gym World.....which I happen to know since I've been working out at a gym and my muscles are incredibly incredibly sore! Believe me, if I could get in shape by lifting these calendars instead of the 50 pounds I've been lifting, I'd be in shape In No Time!!!). Anyway, the calendars are quite heavy and will not stay open on a desk on their own.
When January, February, and March are over, my clubbers can turn the card calendar around and they'll find April, May, and June. After June, the next six months are on the reverse sides so all my ladies have to do is untie the ribbon, flip the calendar inside out and re-tie the ribbon. Here are some pics of all the sides:

Hope you enjoyed your New Year's Day yesterday. We, at the Salgat household, had an exciting day. I'll have to fill you in on some of the events in the near future.

In the meantime, if you live in Michigan, there is a strange phenomenon going on as I type. There is a big yellow warm thing in the sky. I believe it is called "The Sun". We have rarely seen it in the last 30 days so hopefully, it will stick around for a while and we can soak up some of the rays. Inside, of course, near a window. It's way too cold outside.

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