Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Every woman knows how to multi task, right? We can do five things at the same time, get them done and get them done correctly! Can I get an AMEN sistah???

Well, today is my Extreme Multi-tasking Day. I have sugar cookies baking in the oven, I'm getting an art project around for this afternoon for my son's kindergarten class, I'm wrapping presents, finishing a card, and posting.

Ok. Ok. Here is the truth.

Some of you may observe my movements and call it something other than Multi-tasking. You may actually observe me this minute and diagnose me with ADHD (and you may not be wrong).

That is because I ran down to my stamp area to get today's card, looked at the huge mess on my stamp table, and remembered my son's art projects I have to make with his class today.

I ran back upstairs to make sure I had enough glue for the kindergartners, remembered I wanted something to drink because the air is so incredibly dry this time of year, opened the refrigerator, and saw the sugar cookie dough that has been in the fridge since yesterday.

I got out my cookie sheets and rolling pin to make those, took a picture of today's card while the oven was preheating, and sat down at the computer to first check my email. That was a mistake because I got a wonderful email from River City Rubber Works letting me know they are offering a Free Shipping and 50% off sale (gulp...there goes my promise to not buy anything till I was done using every single stamp set on my shelf. But come on! Free ship and half off?!?)

After the email check I rolled out four sheets full of sugar cookie trees and stars (because they are the easiest sugar cookie for my kids to frost), looked up at my computer screen that is in the kitchen and remembered I originally was going to take a picture of today's card and put it up for you to see.

So that is what I've been doing for the last hour. I'm frantic, out of breath from running up and down the basement stairs 20 times and I'm thirsty because I never did a drink.

Everything is started but only half done. I keep interrupting myself!

So about today's card.....I used Holiday Treasure DP, Old Olive & Ruby Red papers, and Baja Blue accents. The sparkly brad on the star came from Hobby Lobby. The tree is raised up on dimensionals and colored with Stampin Up markers.

I'm off now to get projects together that 5 & 6 year olds can accomplish relatively quickly and cleanly...


jeanila said...

Jen, I know how you feel today, after 5 batches of Chex mix, 2 batches of cookies, 2 loafs of banna bread and 2 loafs of cramberry and 2 batches of fudge, didn't get any cards made, wanted to get some in the mail tomorrow. I really like your card. Jean

Peggy said...

To top it all off you are talented at all of the afore-mentioned things!
I had forgotten that we have children about the same age. How is your kindergartener liking school?


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