Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I never thought I'd say this....

I never thought I'd say this, but, I think I'm tired of card making! Yes, you heard correctly. Can someone please call some kind of authority to come help me? I'm not sure who though. Who would you call when someone you know starts talking nonsense?? About stamping?? Put me in a rubber room--preferably red etched rubber like Stampin Up carries....

Monday night was my Christmas card class. 7 of my ladies cancelled due to reasons beyond their control. Really, I know these girls and if they could have come, they would have come. And since they had already paid the class fee and I had no alternative date to offer for them to come make their cards, I willingly made their 5 cards for them. If you do the math that would 35 cards in one night!

I love to stamp and I love to make cards. I love my stampin ladies and I would gladly make their cards for them all over again if I had to. But, for the next 24 hours, I'm giving my fingers a break.

And not just my fingers. My arms too. Am I in that bad of shape that stamping and cutting 35 cards would make my arms sore the next day? Wow. I'm in trouble.

BUT, before I close the stamping room door for the next few hours, I wanted to make just one more little card to show you. I wanted to use the set Loads of Love. I was flipping through the Stampin Up Idea book today (yes, I do that quite often) and saw this set. It is old. Very old in stamp years. Not quite as old as the Lovely As A Tree stamp set but Loads of Love has got to be 5 years old or something. It won't last much longer. I'd be surprised if it is in the 2009 Spring Summer Collection.

So here it is (posted above), based on the sketch from iheart2stamp.
And here is the original sketch:


Anonymous said...

r being sick of stamping you really made a cute card. I will have to try this one. Jean

Anonymous said...

Great card Jen! This is one set that is kind of hard to come up with different ideas for, and I may also have to try this one!
Ilene B.

jen del muro (iheart2stamp.com) said...

WONDERFUL card! Very cute! Thanks for playing!

Renee said...

wow!! this is a great way to use this stamp set!! I love it :D hugz n blessings


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