Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in America. I love reading about the Pilgrims' trip across the Atlantic, the hardships they faced and their amazing faith in God.
I always wonder if I would have had the fortitude to be a part of it. Probably not. A year ago we were traveling from Michigan to Florida (driving) (with four kids)for our very first family vacation (ever-- because camping DOES NOT count as a vacation) and I could hardly stand the 18+ hours in the van! I can't imagine how the Pilgrims coped with 33 WEEKS on a boat. And, they didn't have rest areas, fast food restaurants, books on tape, and a DVD player playing hours of Little House on the Prairie like we did.
Because my mom made the Thanksgiving turkey at her house last Saturday and my mother in law is making the turkey at her house today, this is the only turkey I had to make this year. I made it with my scallop circle punch! And just to make your mouth water a little are two pies we had at mom's last Saturday. Pumpkin pie that my sister made and apple pie that I made.

And just for fun....I challenge you to google 'Thanksgiving Quiz' and see what comes up. I did this and took quite a few quizzes. All of which I mostly failed. Maybe I should spend more time reading history instead of stamping???


4Life said...

How did you make the card with our pies on it??? You are seriously genius!! What tool did you use to make the slit in the center? Love you! I'll be seeing you on December 2nd :)


Anonymous said...

Nice turkey; now what end does the stuffing go in? I like the pretty card it matches the tablecloth and the chair. Hope your December 2nd goes well. Mom


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