Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Best Friends....and Me in a Bikini

I love the set, which is called Garden Whimsy, that I used today (I know, I know, I love them all don't I???) because of the phrase "best friends listen to what you don't say". I just love that idea.

This card was inspired by the MojoMonday sketch challenge:

I'm so glad these sketch challenges are out there for us. Remember, I'm a rule person so I like being told how my layout should be. If you give me a piece of cardstock, some ink, and a stamp set and tell me to do whatever, I'd completely freeze!

Here is a side view of the card: Don't ya just love that I do that to you? It is always a little blurry and always a little crooked. I swear, it is my camera.

Speaking of blaming the camera on bad photography, just ask my mom about cameras that cut the top of the head off of every single picture of your daughter...Remember back when people would take a picture and then not be able to see what it looked till it was developed a week later??? Way before digital cameras? I know, it was practically like etching a picture on a cave wall it was so long ago.
Every single picture of me from the 70s & 80s has me missing part of my head. Not my brothers' heads, just mine. My mom swears it was the camera. Just look at this classic example:

For many years, I didn't even know I had a full round head when I was younger.
Just so you know, this will be the only picture you will EVER see of me in a bikini. (Unless I lose 35 pounds and get a certain 'enhancing' sort of surgery hee hee!)
Have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Jen, Real pretty card, and you look cute in the bikini even if your head is not completely round. Haven't been on for a few days. we have a craft show Saturday, so busy, busy. Jean

Anonymous said...

Pretty card but let me set the record straight, it was the camera. Mom

Felicia said...

Cute card! Don't you just love that Cutie Pie paper?

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

Darling card. It's so cheerful, and I love the dimension on the butterfly. Cute bikini pic, too! Thanks for playing! :)


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